Founded in 2017, we wouldn’t be where we are today without a lot of factors especially our team. Every team member is an asset to the growing business in this industry. We strive on continuously, autonomously learning and growing together to stay on top of our game and be knowledgeable of what’s new and trending in the technology world. 

We endeavour to be the best at customer service, to empower our customers to make informed decisions, and to always give honest information. The focus of each team member is on bringing the customer, the best service possible. Our team goes above and beyond, does this sound like you?

Our team consists of managers, sales assistants, repair technicians, graphic designers and more. We are ambitious, aspiring and we put in the work; we continue to seek likeminded candidates to help us grow and expand. 

If you would like to work for a leading retailer in the mobile phone industry where initiative is admired, individualism is respected and career opportunities are great, then email us to submit your cover letter and resume.